Our guess is that you have at least a handful of drains in your home. You have at least one kitchen sink, one bathroom sink and a shower/tub drain. When you are using the same drains everyday, you will notice if and when the water starts draining a little slower. You may try to save money by buying one of those chemical ridden draining cleaners like Drain-O, but oftentimes, that doesn’t remove whatever is stuck in your drain.


Hair is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to drain clogs. The shower and sink are going to be the biggest problem areas, obviously, because this is where you are washing your hair, trimming your beard and combing your hair. Washing a few strands of hair down the drain every day may not seem like a huge issue, but over time all of that hair tangles together inside your drain and will cause you a lot of problems.

Tree Roots

A secret culprit when it comes to clogged drains is tree roots. They are secret because you could have no idea when the roots start creeping into your drains and wreaking havoc on your pipes. The only way to know for sure that this is the problem is with a scope and a drain snake to cut back the roots.


If there is a hole in your pipes, clay and sand can get into your pipes and cause the clog. Again, the only real, long term solution is to have the professional plumbers come out and take a look.

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